NEW WORK 2021-2022

Lake Superior Marsh; cold wax and oil, 16″ x 20″; 2022

Lake Superior Marsh; cold wax and oil, 18″ x 24″; 2022
Under the Surface: Oil and Wax; 18″ x 24″ 2022
Island in the Stream: Oil and wax, 16 x 20, 2022

Lake island Mirages: 16″ X 20″ : Cold Wax and Oil

Lake Dreams: 16″ X 20″ : Cold Wax and Oil

Lake Superior Mirages: 2020 18″ x 24″ Cold Wax and Oil

Turtle Island: Gary Snyder Poet title: Cold wax and Oil: 2021

18″x 24 ” Cold wax and oil

Untitled: 18″ x 24″ Cold wax and oils

Thistle: 18″ x 24″-Cold Wax and Oil:

Cliffs: 16″ x 20″ Cold wax and oil

PAST WORK: 2005-2020PC_2018_1666

Boat on sea shore: Oil on canvas 16″ x 20″

pair of boats


MarthaMichaelLandscape copy


boats at dock


boat in field


boat on shore


Lone Kayaker and Loon

Lone Kayaker

Sailboat Silhouette

Lone sailboat at sunset


Sailboat Anchored

Anchored sailboat and dingy

Ghost Boats under the veil


Snow Trees

Winter Trees

best crowd of trees
crowd of trees

best tree green to blue

Sideway color

bestTREE chalk series # 6

Birches with yellows and reds: Mixed Media 36″ x 15 ” 

bestTREE chalk series # 5

Birches with Blues: Mixed Media : 36″ X 15″

Sunset at Baja

Birch field #1
Birch field #2
Birch field #3
White Pines in Meadow
Purple White Pine

Lake side

Pines in Dawn